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Registered Nurse Jewelry

The nurses of today are hard working, dedicated and passionate professionals. These skilled and efficient pros are in the forefront of delivering quality medical care to patients the world over. What people tend to forget, or rather take for granted is the fact that nurses are people too. And like any other person, they too need to be motivated, loved and appreciated. A way to do this is by presenting a nurse with registered nurse jewelry.

Registered nurse jewelry is a more than just a pin or brooch. It is a celebration of the service and dedication of these wonderful professionals. What’s really cool is that this genre of jewelry has gone beyond just the run on the mill, in terms of pins, and has instead expanded to include necklaces, pendants, rings, bracelets and even earrings. Let us take a look at some of these and gain an insight into a unique way of giving thanks to these wonderful people.

Types of registered nurse jewelry:

Like any other kind of jewelry, registered nurse jewelry straddles the entire ambit. From pins to necklaces, from pendants to lockets, from bracelets to rings and everything in between. Registered nurse jewelry is one of the few types of jewelry that actually celebrates the contribution of a professional, and honors the pride of being a nurse. In the next few paragraphs, we will explore the various types of registered nurse jewelry.

Registered nurse pins: From the ceremonial pins that are handed out as medals of honor, to pins crafted for individual specialties like pediatric, cardiac, gastroenterology and others,registered nurse jewelry in the form of pins are quite sought after. Nowadays, it isn’t irregular or unheard of, that individual and customized are fashioned as thank you gifts for nurses, by grateful patients.

Registered nurse pendants: Most of these are either gifts for a nurse, or made-to-order as statement jewelry by a proud registered nurse herself. This class of registered nurse jewelry, is replete with iconography that is central to the nursing profession, such as stethoscopes, the caduceus symbol, red crosses, nurse caps and the like. Most of these little pendants are dainty, and will not stick out on the otherwise understated gear that registered nurses wear.

Registered nurse rings: The best part about this type of registered nurse jewelry is the fact that it can be completely personalized. There is no occasion that these cannot be presented to your favorite nurse on. Whether it is her birthday, an anniversary or even a day you would like to mark as special. To husbands or boyfriends, this type of registered nurse jewelry can make the perfect pre-proposal gift as well!

Registered nurse bracelets: These are little charm bracelets with individual symbols of the profession as charms. For instance a nurses hat, or stethoscope, or any other symbol associated with the nursing profession. These make dainty and thoughtful gifts on occasions like birthdays, graduation ceremonies or even anniversaries.

Registered nurse jewelry is an excellent way of showing appreciation to, and acknowledging the contribution of nurses in the medical profession. These can be gifted to nurses by doctors, patients, family members, fellow nurses and other admiring souls!

Nursing Pins

The profession of nursing is a selfless and a noble one. A nurse spends nearly 9 to 12 hours on an average tending to the needs of the ill, the physically challenged, the elderly and patients with contagious diseases. Very rarely do they get any time to themselves and very often they are forced to do two shifts, back to back, in case of emergencies, or outbreaks of virulent plagues. This profession is fraught with perils and the eternal gratitude of hundreds of thousands of patients is most often the only reward.

There is a way however for patients to show their appreciation to these caring souls. Gifting nurses with nursing pins, is a great gesture. These pins are crafted to celebrate and honor the dedication and accomplishments of the nursing staff, who diligently care for patients. While traditionally, nursing pins were handed out to newly graduate nurses as badges of merit by their colleges; today nursing pins can be procured and presented to your favorite nurse as a gesture of gratitude for the excellent standard of care she/he may have provided you with.

Nursing pins quite often celebrate the accomplishments of nurses. For instance a nurse in a catheter laboratory, assisting with cath procedures like angiograms, and angioplasty, can be presented with a heart nursing pin. This pin is an acknowledgement of her valuable contribution in the success of a procedure.

Nurses, much like doctors have specializations. While any nurse will sport a ‘Bachelor in Nursing Science’ nursing pin, they can also sport pins that denote their specializations. The best part however is that these pins needn’t be handed out to them on an occasion and do not need to be at the end of a course! If your wife, daughter or son is a nurse, you too could present them with a nursing pin, that celebrates their profession and also puts across the pride that you feel about their work.

Coleen Ainsley, a registered nurse at a senior center narrates a heart warming story, “it was a few weeks back, I was on my rounds and Mr. Smith, a long time resident called me into his room. He’d just returned from his cardiac surgery. He held me tight, thanked me and handed me this gorgeous red heart, and a note that said, “mine wouldn’t have been beating, if it wasn’t for you.” she says, pointing proudly to her red heart nursing pin.

Whether it is for doing an excellent job or simply as a token of gratitude, nursing pins make great gifts. Ashley Williams, another registered nurse, points to her Caduceus CNA lapel pin and says, “my husband surprised me the other day, dropping in unexpectedly with flowers and candy. It wasn’t my birthday, and seeing a red ribbon clad box in his hands, I couldn’t contain my curiosity. On opening it I found this beautiful nursing pin and that just made my day. I was proud to be both a nurse, and a wife to a wonderful man.”

Nurses are the unsung heroes of the medical practice. Most people agree that the standard of care provided to them is exceptionally high, solely because of the excellent nurses that are part of the medical staff. So is there a better way to celebrate our nurses, than by gifting them a nursing pin, that celebrates both them and their work as professionals?

Nursing Jewelry

Everyone of us will have one or the other story to tell of an accident, an illness or a booboo at some point in time that landed us in the ER. Many of us will also attest to the fact that the nursing staff in the ER, were the ones who made us feel at ease. If we were physically unable to walk, they’d push us around in a wheelchair, then the administration of medicines, especially injections, with minimal discomfort… a nurse, and no one else could’ve done all this. Many of us made little handmade cards to thank these angels of mercy for making our stay a painless experience.

Now though, there is another way to celebrate these wonderful people and that is through nursing jewelry. Nursing jewelry is available in many forms, from the more conventional nursing pins to ultra chic necklaces, pendants, bracelets, rings and of course even earrings. While nursing pins are indicative of the nurse’s designation and accomplishment, in terms of education, nursing jewelry can be quite funky and cool.

Nursing jewelry is definitely a neat way to give back to your favorite nurse. Take for instance a pendant, shaped like a heart, with a red cross in it. Wouldn’t receiving that bring a smile on that lovely soul’s face? Indeed it would, Misha Headley, an ER nurse, received the cutest little pendant from one of her little patients and she just can’t stop beaming about it, “Chanel is just the sweetest child in the ward. When she was brought in, she was in quite a bad state considering that she was down with pneumonia, but a few sleepless nights and she is infinitely better. She just presented me this, and it is just the most precious thing ever!”

Nothing can compare to the joy, you will bring into a nurse’s otherwise hectic and chaotic day, with a gesture like this. After all nurses are constantly on their feet, for hours on end, sometimes they’ll skip meals in order to be at the physician’s disposal, in case of an emergency; all this to sometimes be greeted by the prospect of a double shift. Nursing jewelry is a wonderful token of your appreciation and gratitude for their service.

Nursing jewelry and nurse themed jewelry also has a whole other side to it. A sweeter, naughtier, tongue-in-cheek side that is. If you don’t want to get too ‘emo’ about your favorite nurse’s contribution to your healing process, a gag gift in the form of nursing jewelry can also be presented. Alyson Walton, a pediatric nurse says, “one of the little devils I tend to, today gave me this,” she says pointing to a ring that reads, ‘Naughty Nurse’, “I didn’t know what to say to the little one, after all I do horse around with them sometimes and so that title isn’t completely out of the realm of comprehension”, she says with a hint of the ‘naughty’ in her eyes.

Nursing jewelry celebrates the selfless women who devote their lives in the service of the sick and ill, and is a wonderful way of thanking them for their contribution to your lives. It makes an excellent gesture of thanks and you can guarantee them a few chuckles as well!     

Medical Pins

Remember the old adage, “health is wealth”, if that were to be held true, the medical fraternity ought to be like our ‘wealth advisers’. Doctors, registered nurses, emergency medical technicians, specialists and other medical support staff are all members of the vital healthcare ecosystem. Medical pins have long been used to identify the personnel employed in a hospital. Medical pins are also given out on graduation day to newly graduate doctors, EMTs and registered nurses.

Once accessible only within the medical fraternity, today medical pins can be bought online and customiszed, making them not just ideal gifts for your physician or nurse, but as gag gifts or oddities to your loved ones as well. Medical pins are normally geared towards identifying the hospital’s personnel and therefore are either in the form of a badge, or a lapel pin, which doctors either wear on a tie, or nurses wear on their scrubs’ breast pocket. Let us take a closer look at these medical pins and understand the different types.

Types of medical pins:

Doctor Pins: These medical pins identify a professional as a doctor. These may vary depending on the specialty of practice. But most of these pins feature the caduceus symbol, which worldwide is the unofficial symbol of the medical fraternity. There are minute differentiations in colors, patterns and symbology to define the various disciplines and no two disciplines will have the same design. This means that a General Practitioner’s medical pin will be different from a Cardiologist’s and any other medical practitioner’s

EMS pins: Emergency Medical Services is a branch of medicine that is a quick response team that rushes to the scene of an accident or emergency. The medical pin representing this service is a rather simple one, featuring a cross in either red or blue (depending on the state) and the words EMS emblazoned on it.

Registered nurse pins: These form the most diverse range of medical pins. A nurse could either have a Certified Nursing Practitioner (CNP) pin, a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) pin or the pin she received at her graduation, that identifies her as the alumnus of a certain medical school or college. There are also celebratory pins that can be fashioned for nurses, as a sign or token of appreciation, by either her colleagues or a grateful patient. The absolute variety and types of medical pins for nurses are mind boggling.


Silver: A majority of all medical pins, that are commemorative in nature are struck in silver and are intricately designed. They could feature popular medical iconography like stethoscopes, caduceus symbols or even the specialty the physician, nurse or EMT is certified at, like cardiac, heart, general practice and others.

Gold: It is extremely rare that 9 or 18k gold medical pins are ever forged or struck. If ever these are, they are almost always to mark a special occasion or achievement, like a milestone operation, or a long , illustrious career in a top-tier medical institution.

Ultrium: Celestrium, or ultrium is a hardy white metal, a kind of stainless steel that has a finish like white gold. It is easier to maintain and infinitely cheaper, while being resistant to corrosion or damage. Therefore most medical pins are fashioned out of this or similar metals. 

3 Reasons Why You Should Think About Joining a Sorority

Your college years are supposed to be some of the most exciting years of your life. While you should be focused on doing well in school, you should also be focused on making memories and friends that will last a lifetime. There are so many different opportunities available to you when you are young. It is important to take advantage of as many of them as possible. One such opportunity for young women is to join a sorority. Although there are some negative connotations associated with sororities, they actually have a lot to offer. There are several great reasons why you, a college freshman eager for a new experience, should consider joining a sorority.

  • Sisterhood- Ok, so you have probably heard this one, but seriously it is the number one reason to join a sorority. Having a sense of belonging and unity at college can be difficult, especially if you are at one of the bigger colleges. Being in a sorority can make you feel like you belong to a family and your sisters will be there for you, no matter what.
  • Social Life- Some of your college courses are going to be tough, really tough. At some point you are going to feel stressed and overwhelmed and you are going to need an outlet. College is just as much about your social life as it is about academics. When you are part of sorority, there will be no shortage of social activities, mixers, or parties for you to participate in. You will always have someone to hang out with and you will always have the opportunity to meet new people.
  • Academic Support- We’ve mentioned this before, but college is also about the academic experience. We know you’re here to have fun, but you should also be here to get a degree. Most sororities put a lot of emphasis on academic achievement and many of them actually have a Vice President of Academics. This person is tasked with keeping track of grades, as well as offering help when it is needed.

If you are already part of a sorority, you know how great it is to have your sisters behind you. If you are a proud member of a sorority, check out our collection of Greek sorority jewelry. We have beautiful pieces for almost every sorority. 

Commemorate the Friendships You Share with Your Brothers and Sisters with Our Greek Sorority or Fraternity Jewelry

Being a part of fraternity or sorority is a unique experience that many people do not have the opportunity to be part of. When you are part of a fraternity or sorority, you take part in many community service projects and other important events. You also become part of a brotherhood or sisterhood. You develop strong, long lasting friendships with your brothers and sisters and it is a bond that not everyone will have the pleasure of experiencing. What better way is there of recognizing such friendships than with a Greek sorority or fraternity jewelry?

At J. Brandt Recognition, we provide beautiful ways recognize your participation in such a unique experience as being part of a fraternity or sorority. From rings and necklaces, to pins and badges, to ornaments, we have the perfect gift for you and your sorority sisters or fraternity brothers. Let us help remind you of the rare bonds you share between your brothers and sisters and let us help you relive the wonderful memories you have of participating in Greek events and service projects. We have jewelry and badges for a multitude of different sororities and fraternities.

If you were fortunate enough to have been part of sorority or fraternity, do not let that time of your life go unrecognized after you have left college. The friendships formed in fraternities and sororities are incredibly unique and so are the memories. Let your brothers and sisters know that you will never forget the times you shared together or their friendship with one of our beautiful gifts to commemorate Greek life.

Why Giving Nursing Pins Is an Important Tradition

Nursing pins aren't a new fad. These pins have actually been around in one form or another for over a hundred years. The symbolism and style of the pins might change, but they have always been a way to congratulate graduating nursing students and welcome them into this important profession. You'll want to make sure you have the right nursing pins for your graduating class, and J Brandt Recognition can help you get what you need! 

We offer three styles of nursing pins so you can choose the ones that fit your needs and your budget. Our classic nursing pins don't have a guard or diamond, and are elegant, understated pins that are perfect for everyone. We also have Supreme and Premium nursing pins that have a guard. The Premium option also has a diamond on the pin, making it a pin that makes a big impact on the nursing student in your life.

Our team can help you customize your nursing pins so they are designed with symbols of your school and your class. If we don't have the guard that you want on your pin, just ask--our designers can help you get exactly what you want. We're proud of our nursing pins and helping nurses carry on this honored tradition through the years. Call us or email us to start the ordering process today and we'll get your nursing pins sent to you right away! You'll love the quality of every pin that we create, and know that this will be a piece that they treasure for a lifetime. 

Reward Employees with Years Of Service Pins

Working at one company for your entire life is a thing of the past. Decades ago, people started and finished their careers at the same company, so it wasn’t unusual to put in several decades in one business. The current generation tends to jump from job to job, spending no more than a few years at any one company. If your company is trying to increase retention of your employees, there are little things you can do that go a long way. Reward employees for their longevity with a simple, affordable gift like our years of service pins.

Our pins are affordable but high quality pieces, and each one is perfect for saying thanks in a simple but meaningful way to your long-term employees. Our talented design team can work with you to create a customized pin that featured your company logo, name, or other insignia. You'll be thrilled with the finished quality of our work, and your employees will be thrilled that you are showing them that you've noticed and appreciated their work.

Give us a call today and let's start designing years of service pins that are right for your business. Be sure to browse through our current collection of pins to see what is available and what might be the right look for a pin for your company. You can call us at 800-435-5749 and start working with one of our talented staff members. We can't wait to start working with you, so get in touch now! 

Why Nursing Pins are More Important Now Than Ever Before

We believe that nursing pins are more important right now than ever before. Nursing has always been a profession that hasn't received the recognition that it really deserves. Nurses and other medical staff often risk their own well being in order to help those around them, at the forefront of dangerous situations. These are scary times for nurses, with headline after headline about infectious diseases raging around the globe. But still, nurses are the people taking care of those who are sick, because that's what they've been called to do.

If you are a nurse, you should be wearing a nursing pin with pride every single day. Your nursing pin can display the emblem of the school where you were trained as well as any awards or honors you earned while you were there. We have a large variety of nursing pins available on our website, from traditional ones to ones with guards. Select the one that you like the best and start the ordering process on our website today. We’ll make sure you get exactly the pin that you need.

Our customers love the high quality of our nursing pins, and are thrilled to put them on their uniform every day. Your nursing pin is a reminder of your training, your commitment, and your call to service to your fellow humans. Make sure you reward yourself, even when recognition from the outside world can be few and far between. Start by ordering a nursing pin in our online store for yourself today!