Nursing Jewelry

Posted by Melissa Brandt on 26th Jun 2015

Everyone of us will have one or the other story to tell of an accident, an illness or a booboo at some point in time that landed us in the ER. Many of us will also attest to the fact that the nursing staff in the ER, were the ones who made us feel at ease. If we were physically unable to walk, they’d push us around in a wheelchair, then the administration of medicines, especially injections, with minimal discomfort… a nurse, and no one else could’ve done all this. Many of us made little handmade cards to thank these angels of mercy for making our stay a painless experience.

Now though, there is another way to celebrate these wonderful people and that is through nursing jewelry. Nursing jewelry is available in many forms, from the more conventional nursing pins to ultra chic necklaces, pendants, bracelets, rings and of course even earrings. While nursing pins are indicative of the nurse’s designation and accomplishment, in terms of education, nursing jewelry can be quite funky and cool.

Nursing jewelry is definitely a neat way to give back to your favorite nurse. Take for instance a pendant, shaped like a heart, with a red cross in it. Wouldn’t receiving that bring a smile on that lovely soul’s face? Indeed it would, Misha Headley, an ER nurse, received the cutest little pendant from one of her little patients and she just can’t stop beaming about it, “Chanel is just the sweetest child in the ward. When she was brought in, she was in quite a bad state considering that she was down with pneumonia, but a few sleepless nights and she is infinitely better. She just presented me this, and it is just the most precious thing ever!”

Nothing can compare to the joy, you will bring into a nurse’s otherwise hectic and chaotic day, with a gesture like this. After all nurses are constantly on their feet, for hours on end, sometimes they’ll skip meals in order to be at the physician’s disposal, in case of an emergency; all this to sometimes be greeted by the prospect of a double shift. Nursing jewelry is a wonderful token of your appreciation and gratitude for their service.

Nursing jewelry and nurse themed jewelry also has a whole other side to it. A sweeter, naughtier, tongue-in-cheek side that is. If you don’t want to get too ‘emo’ about your favorite nurse’s contribution to your healing process, a gag gift in the form of nursing jewelry can also be presented. Alyson Walton, a pediatric nurse says, “one of the little devils I tend to, today gave me this,” she says pointing to a ring that reads, ‘Naughty Nurse’, “I didn’t know what to say to the little one, after all I do horse around with them sometimes and so that title isn’t completely out of the realm of comprehension”, she says with a hint of the ‘naughty’ in her eyes.

Nursing jewelry celebrates the selfless women who devote their lives in the service of the sick and ill, and is a wonderful way of thanking them for their contribution to your lives. It makes an excellent gesture of thanks and you can guarantee them a few chuckles as well!