Pinning Ceremony: A Passageway for Nursing Graduates

Pinning Ceremony: A Passageway for Nursing Graduates

Posted by Melissa Brandt on 1st Dec 2017

Nursing pins are like the welcoming hand that allows nursing graduates to enter the Nursing Profession. After the dedicated completion of the nursing degree, every college organizes a Pinning Ceremony. This ceremony is no fad but has a deep-rooted tradition. Thus, colleges need to order nursing pins in bulk and special designs as well for the annual ceremony at the end of an academic year. This is where we come into the picture.

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What’s There in a Nursing Pinning Ceremony?

The celebration of nursing students and honoring their voyage of becoming a nurse is the sole motive of the traditional nursing pinning ceremony. The nursing graduation ceremony is preceded by the nursing pinning ceremony, a few weeks ahead. All throughout their nursing course, the students wait eagerly in anticipation of this age-old ceremony. It is not just them who wait but also their friends and families to see them getting pinned on stage. Yes, it holds immense value, this rite of passage. It is more like the testament to the nursing profession. Apart from the students and their families, even the instructors enjoy acknowledging their accomplishments.

The general proceedings of a pinning ceremony

Now that you know what the nursing pinning ceremony is actually for, it's time to have a look at what the ceremony entails. Apart from the fact that the students send prior invitations to their friends and family to join them in celebration, they also select an individual who is rather significant to them to dedicate the pins to. These special people get to join the respective students onstage on the day of the ceremony. It is for the guests to pin the student and the pin is passed on to the guests by a faculty member.

While the student is being pinned, the most emotional portion of the ceremony takes place that is the reading of dedication of the student which is directed to the person of significance and is read by a faculty member. The students recite the Nightingale Pledge during the customary candle lighting ceremony. This can be followed by the brief expression of the history of this renowned nursing ceremony.

Is the end of this tradition near or is it more relevant in recent times?

Standing at a present date, it can be said that the value of nursing pins and the ceremony associated with it is becoming more and more important. The nursing profession has a history of recognition denials. Thus, every nurse should wear nursing pins with utmost pride as they are the forgotten soldiers who stay by the side of the sick and infected in their dire times of need and care for them.

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