Registered Nurse Jewelry

Posted by Melissa Brandt on 26th Jun 2015

The nurses of today are hard working, dedicated and passionate professionals. These skilled and efficient pros are in the forefront of delivering quality medical care to patients the world over. What people tend to forget, or rather take for granted is the fact that nurses are people too. And like any other person, they too need to be motivated, loved and appreciated. A way to do this is by presenting a nurse with registered nurse jewelry.

Registered nurse jewelry is a more than just a pin or brooch. It is a celebration of the service and dedication of these wonderful professionals. What’s really cool is that this genre of jewelry has gone beyond just the run on the mill, in terms of pins, and has instead expanded to include necklaces, pendants, rings, bracelets and even earrings. Let us take a look at some of these and gain an insight into a unique way of giving thanks to these wonderful people.

Types of registered nurse jewelry:

Like any other kind of jewelry, registered nurse jewelry straddles the entire ambit. From pins to necklaces, from pendants to lockets, from bracelets to rings and everything in between. Registered nurse jewelry is one of the few types of jewelry that actually celebrates the contribution of a professional, and honors the pride of being a nurse. In the next few paragraphs, we will explore the various types of registered nurse jewelry.

Registered nurse pins: From the ceremonial pins that are handed out as medals of honor, to pins crafted for individual specialities like pediatric, cardiac, gastroenterology and others,registered nurse jewelry in the form of pins are quite sought after. Nowadays, it isn’t irregular or unheard of, that individual and customised are fashioned as thank you gifts for nurses, by grateful patients.

Registered nurse pendants: Most of these are either gifts for a nurse, or made-to-order as statement jewelry by a proud registered nurse herself. This class of registered nurse jewelry, is replete with iconography that is central to the nursing profession, such as stethoscopes, the caudus symbol, red crosses, nurse caps and the like. Most of these little pendants are dainty, and will not stick out on the otherwise understated gear that registered nurses wear.

Registered nurse rings: The best part about this type of registered nurse jewelry is the fact that it can be completely personalized. There is no occasion that these cannot be presented to your favorite nurse on. Whether it is her birthday, an anniversary or even a day you would like to mark as special. To husbands or boyfriends, this type of registered nurse jewelry can make the perfect pre-proposal gift as well!

Registered nurse bracelets: These are little charm bracelets with individual symbols of the profession as charms. For instance a nurses hat, or stethoscope, or any other symbol associated with the nursing profession. These make dainty and thoughtful gifts on occasions like birthdays, graduation ceremonies or even anniversaries.

Registered nurse jewelry is an excellent way of showing appreciation to, and acknowledging the contribution of nurses in the medical profession. These can be gifted to nurses by doctors, patients, family members, fellow nurses and other admiring souls!