Nursing Pins

Posted by Melissa Brandt on 26th Jun 2015

The profession of nursing is a selfless and a noble one. A nurse spends nearly 9 to 12 hours on an average tending to the needs of the ill, the physically challenged, the elderly and patients with contagious diseases. Very rarely do they get any time to themselves and very often they are forced to do two shifts, back to back, in case of emergencies, or outbreaks of virulent plagues. This profession is fraught with perils and the eternal gratitude of hundreds of thousands of patients is most often the only reward.

There is a way however for patients to show their appreciation to these caring souls. Gifting nurses with nursing pins, is a great gesture. These pins are crafted to celebrate and honor the dedication and accomplishments of the nursing staff, who diligently care for patients. While traditionally, nursing pins were handed out to newly graduate nurses as badges of merit by their colleges; today nursing pins can be procured and presented to your favorite nurse as a gesture of gratitude for the excellent standard of care she/he may have provided you with.

Nursing pins quite often celebrate the accomplishments of nurses. For instance a nurse in a catheter laboratory, assisting with cath procedures like angiograms, and angioplasty, can be presented with a heart nursing pin. This pin is an acknowledgement of her valuable contribution in the success of a procedure.

Nurses, much like doctors have specializations. While any nurse will sport a ‘Bachelor in Nursing Science’ nursing pin, they can also sport pins that denote their specializations. The best part however is that these pins needn’t be handed out to them on an occasion and do not need to be at the end of a course! If your wife, daughter or son is a nurse, you too could present them with a nursing pin, that celebrates their profession and also puts across the pride that you feel about their work.

Coleen Ainsley, a registered nurse at a senior centre narrates a heart warming story, “it was a few weeks back, I was on my rounds and Mr. Smith, a long time resident called me into his room. He’d just returned from his cardiac surgery. He held me tight, thanked me and handed me this gorgeous red heart, and a note that said, “mine wouldn’t have been beating, if it wasn’t for you.” she says, pointing proudly to her red heart nursing pin.

Whether it is for doing an excellent job or simply as a token of gratitude, nursing pins make great gifts. Ashley Williams, another registered nurse, points to her Caduceus CNA lapel pin and says, “my husband surprised me the other day, dropping in unexpectedly with flowers and candy. It wasn’t my birthday, and seeing a red ribbon clad box in his hands, I couldn’t contain my curiosity. On opening it I found this beautiful nursing pin and that just made my day. I was proud to be both a nurse, and a wife to a wonderful man.”

Nurses are the unsung heroes of the medical practise. Most people agree that the standard of care provided to them is exceptionally high, solely because of the excellent nurses that are part of the medical staff. So is there a better way to celebrate our nurses, than by gifting them a nursing pin, that celebrates both them and their work as professionals?