We Offer Organizations Years of Service Pins, Service Award Pins and a Whole Slew of Other Merchandise Geared Towards the Recognition of Employees

11th Mar 2014

An incentive is a reward or recognition offered in exchange for performance. To be successful, these incentives must promote or encourage certain actions by a specific audience to produce positive outcomes during a defined period of time. Incentives helps to engage employees, and engaged employees help your businesses’ bottom line. Those organizations who maintain higher than average engagement in employees have:years of service pins

  • 27 percent higher profits
  • 50 percent higher sales
  • 50 percent higher customer loyalty
  • 33 percent above average productivity
  • 155 percent higher stock returns

Burned-out employees are ready to jump ship, but employers need their talent. Incentives help keep these two forces in a working relationship. There are many ways organizations utilize incentives, here is a list:

  • 42 percent of companies acknowledge retirement
  • 90 percent of companies utilize service anniversaries
  • 27 percent of companies reward good ideas
  • 29 percent of companies dole out employee of the week/month/year awards
  • 79 percent of companies love strong performances
  • 22 percent of companies think safety deserves its due rewards
  • 40 percent of companies salute sales goals
  • 12 percent of companies track attendance

Here are some perks that will help keep employees happy and productive. Low cost incentives include perks like front row parking, time off work and casual dress days. Merchandise is another way to induce productivity. Everybody likes to travel, it is also a great way to motivate employees. Gift cards are another good way to support superior employees.

However, items like pins, medals and watches are long-lasting reminders of achievement meant to display and gives others that trophy value reward. At J. Brandt Recognition, we offer organizations years of service pins, service award pins and a whole slew of other merchandise geared towards the recognition of employees. Discover what we have that will suit your company.