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3 Reasons Why You Should Think About Joining a Sorority

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Your college years are supposed to be some of the most exciting years of your life. While you should be focused on doing well in school, you should also be focused on making memories and friends that will last a lifetime. There are so many different opportunities available to you when you are young. It is important to take advantage of as many of them as possible. One such opportunity for young women is to join a sorority. Although there are some negative connotations associated with sororities, they actually have a lot to offer. There are several great reasons why you, a college freshman eager for a new experience, should consider joining a sorority.

  • Sisterhood- Ok, so you have probably heard this one, but seriously it is the number one reason to join a sorority. Having a sense of belonging and unity at college can be difficult, especially if you are at one of the bigger colleges. Being in a sorority can make you feel like you belong to a family and your sisters will be there for you, no matter what.
  • Social Life- Some of your college courses are going to be tough, really tough. At some point you are going to feel stressed and overwhelmed and you are going to need an outlet. College is just as much about your social life as it is about academics. When you are part of sorority, there will be no shortage of social activities, mixers, or parties for you to participate in. You will always have someone to hang out with and you will always have the opportunity to meet new people.
  • Academic Support- We’ve mentioned this before, but college is also about the academic experience. We know you’re here to have fun, but you should also be here to get a degree. Most sororities put a lot of emphasis on academic achievement and many of them actually have a Vice President of Academics. This person is tasked with keeping track of grades, as well as offering help when it is needed.

If you are already part of a sorority, you know how great it is to have your sisters behind you. If you are a proud member of a sorority, check out our collection of Greek sorority jewelry. We have beautiful pieces for almost every sorority. 

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