One of the Best Reasons to Look into Greek Life is you will have the Privilege of Wearing Greek Sorority or Fraternity Jewelry

Posted by Madwriter on 28th Jul 2014

The majority of United States presidents were fraternity members, and our 45th president could very well be Hillary Clinton, a proud member of the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority. But even if you do not have aspirations of being the president, there are still many benefits that come with joining a fraternity or sorority. One of the best reasons is you will have the privilege of wearing Greek sorority or fraternity jewelry.

There is often concern among new students about being away from friends and having to make new ones in college. Joining a fraternity or sorority is a proactive way to avoid social isolation and start making new friends. Greek life almost always includes plenty of planned social events and other activities that will help in being introduced to other like-minded people.

While the media might go a little too far in portraying Greek life as a party atmosphere, it is far from fact. Contrary to public perception, academic support is abundant for fraternity and sorority members. In fact, Greek members enjoy a 71 percent graduation rate compared to non-Greek students who have a graduation rate of around 50 percent.

Greek alumni are a great source of reference and resource when you graduate and are looking to fulfill your career. There are fraternity and sorority members in all types of businesses and companies in all types of fields. Fraternities and sororities usually have community pages on social networking sites that serve as a valuable resource when you want to discover a former member in your specific field of study.

Don’t rely on what you see in the media when considering Greek life, check the facts and decide for yourself what is good for you.