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Consider this, a Gift of Money has Little Lasting Value Compared to a Plaque or a Watch or Service Award Pins

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The service award is a valuable element in your company’s overall employee recognition efforts. It is important to understand its value and how to properly utilize it. The service award acts as an opportunity for a company to recognise an employee's tenure.

Companies are best suited when they take advantage of the positive employee feelings generated when service awards are presented. Service awards given out silently fail to utilize the opportunities to positively change employee moral. One must enhance the value of the recognition through a public ceremony.

This can best be accomplished by implementing a team to organise a service award ceremony. Give this team a budget in which proper gifts can be selected. It is wise to pick gifts that employees can appreciate for years to come. Consider this, a gift of money has little lasting value compared to a plaque or a watch or service award pins.

It is recommended that every employee to reach specific milestones be given the same service award. After all, you wouldn’t want to come across as inconsistent or unfair. You should also include written acknowledgment of the employee’s services.

It is critical to present the award at an all employee meeting or gathering to enhance the importance of the recognition. The presenter of the award should be either the company CEO, president or other upper management figure.

It is ceromonies like these that prove to be a valuable component for any type of business. Service award programs are opportunities that should not be passed by. Don’t fail to take advantage of them.  

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