We Carry Greek Fraternity and Sorority Jewelry as Well as Service Award Pins and Law Enforcement Badges

16th Jan 2014

Employee recognition is important in any industry, however those who work thankless jobs get the most benefit from being recognized. There are workers within any industry that struggle with getting burned out. Recognition of these employees goes a long way in ensuring their efforts don’t go unnoticed. Recognition pins are a popular and appreciated way to recognize those employees who deserve it. Here are a few benefits for using recognition pins for employees in any industry.

Presenting recognition pins to outstanding employees does more than just acknowledge the employee, it is a recognition of the industry itself. That is, by recognizing a nurse, you are in fact recognizing that all nurses need to be acknowledged. These pins are also a good way to acknowledge employees who have reached certain levels of achievement. For example, when an employee attains a certificate or completes a course of study they should be properly recognized. Another reason for recognizing employees is when they reach a milestone. Pins for years of service are popular, but other milestones like selling one hundred houses should also be recognized. If employees wear uniforms, wearing recognition pins is a daily reminder of their dedication and service. It is also a symbol of success and clients and customers see this as a positive attribute.

At J. Brandt Recognition, we specialize in employee recognition pins, lapels and much more. We even carry Greek fraternity and sorority jewelry as well as service award pins and law enforcement badges. We have been a big part of employee recognition since 1986.