Some Insights Into Choosing Nursing Pins For Graduation

Some Insights Into Choosing Nursing Pins For Graduation

Posted by Melissa Brandt on 22nd Jul 2017

Nursing pins are ideal gifts to be presented to nursing students on their graduation. Traditionally, these pins are given to the would-be nurses during their graduation ceremonies. Even though most of the nursing schools issue such pins for their students, many prefer to sport gorgeous pins to be unique and look better than their peers. Nursing pins usually serve as souvenirs of the most memorable event in their life.

If you are thinking of purchasing nursing graduation pins to be presented to a nursing student, or if you are planning to buy these in bulk for a graduation ceremony, there are a few things you should know to take a more informed and knowledgeable decision.

Offering nursing pins as gifts

It is not necessary that you have to be a doctor, hospital admin, or an office manager to present these unique gifts to a practicing nurse or those who graduate. Even the family members or friends who want to give something special to a nursing student can consider nursing pins as a precious gift of a significant sentimental value. They are also available in plenty to be purchased through online and offline stores.

Choose high-quality pins

Make sure you go for high-quality pins to ensure that they do not break over time and sustain the wear and tear. Most of these pins are made of metal, which makes them sturdy. Remember, nursing is a physically demanding profession which may sometimes turn out to be a bit rough, so it is important to have high-quality pins to be safe.

Some latest models

Further, we will discuss a few latest models of nursing graduation pins available for purchase online. Log on to to place your orders.

Lamp of Knowledge pins for nursing graduation

These are the latest models which have a 3D design print on it that gives it a classic vintage look. The outer rim has a beautiful enamel color fill, and the pin is gold plated. The lamp of knowledge is the primary design, which is the symbol of wisdom and known to all nurses across the globe.

Bachelor of Science nursing pin

It is a type of lapel pin, which is gold plated with enamel colors. The pin is ideal for the bachelor of nursing graduates. The outer rim can be custom printed with the institutional design, and the inner part has a Red Cross design. This model of pins has an round shape supported with a clutch back for attaching to the gown. This pin looks gorgeous on the pristine white nursing uniforms.

BSN Lapel Pin

Check out this model if they would like to wear a piece of silver jewelry. BSN lapel pin is made of sterling silver, which features a curvy medical caduceus at the center. The pin also has various types of stones attached on top of the caduceus design. You can custom choose from different diamond birth stones.

Every new graduate will appreciate getting such a precious gift . These are available at varying prices, fitting to the budget of all. While purchasing a nursing pin, remember it is something like a piece of jewelry. Be mindful about the design and finish to be treasured throughout the career and life of a nursing student. Get more information at