Pinning Ceremony – The Pinnacle Of Glory For Nursing Students

Pinning Ceremony – The Pinnacle Of Glory For Nursing Students

Posted by Melissa Brandt on 3rd Jul 2017

Some traditions have withstood the test of times, have prevailed for hundreds of years and still practiced today like the Nurse Pinning Ceremony. It is an occasion that every nursing student looks forward to. It is the last day of their academic career as they are set to enter the professional world of nursing. It is a grand occasion to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of their student days. The would-be nurses receive a commemorating metallic pin usually from the faculty members of the school in the presence of their near and dear ones as family members are part of the occasion. The students proudly display the pin attached to the most prominent part of their attire and demonstrate their achievements, as they get ready to start their careers. It is a great occasion that no nursing student would like to give a miss.

The purpose of the ceremony

It is not an easy journey that nursing students take during the days of learning. The nursing job calls for a lot of humanitarian qualities and requires a tremendous amount of dedication and hard work to succeed. The students go through situations of high emotions and stress and have to toil hard to deliver compassionate care for the sick and distressed people. It is harsh on their part to acquire the human skills and commitment necessary to succeed in the profession, backed by proper medical knowledge.

The pinning ceremony sets the stage for honoring nursing students and celebrating their journey in becoming a nurse. It is not the formal graduation ceremony associated with education but more than it. The pinning ceremony is held a few weeks Supreme the graduation ceremony. The ceremony is so important for nursing students that most of them wait eagerly for this day right from the beginning of their training and schooling.

The faculty enjoys it too

Although the pinning ceremony centers on nursing students, it also makes the teachers and instructors proud, as evident from their whole-hearted participation and body language. By recognizing the accomplishments of students by pinning badges, it is a way of paying tribute to the teachers who have made it possible. The deans and instructors take pride in their efforts that have contributed to the success of students.

Dedicating the success to someone special

The students receiving the pins dedicate the success to someone special in their lives who also accompany them on stage. It can be someone from within the family or outside. The faculty entrusts the job of placing the pin on the recipient to this special person. It is a way of honoring the inspirational figure that has motivated the student to go ahead. It is indeed splendid to see that all who have made students reach the stage share the recognition and honor.

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