Nursing Pins For Branding – Some Basics To Know

Nursing Pins For Branding – Some Basics To Know

Posted by Melissa Brandt on 22nd Jul 2017

Nursing is a blessed profession, focusing on helping individuals, families, and communities to gain and maintain good health. Definition of nursing defines it as a specialty based on kindness and compassion, and it promotes the quality of life of individuals throughout their lifespan, starting from birth to the end of life.

Nursing continues to develop with a broad range of specialties and skills associated with it. There are various types and categories of nurses serving in the healthcare sector across the globe. There are various diplomas and college grad programs to become a professional nurse, all of them involve a thorough study of theory and practice of nursing and developing clinical skills.

Nursing pins

Some hospitals use nursing pins as a badge to the nurses. You can also think of gifting nurse pins to a special caregiver in your life. If you are a doctor or office manager in a healthcare practice and you want to gift something special to a nurse, the nursing pin is an ideal choice. Traditionally, nursing pins are considered as a symbol of honor and thankfulness to the great services they provide.

Nursing pins are great gifts especially when you want them to know that they have done a great job. Usually, nurses wear such pins on their name badge or lapels. It conveys the message to the viewers that they got appreciated for their service.

Various types of nursing pins for branding

Companies often use such pins for branding purposes. There are different types and sizes of nursing pins available for this. Healthcare institutions also use nursing pins for marketing with the logo and name of the facility carved on them. There are different pins to be awarded to CNAs, RNs, LPNs, and other categories of nurses.

In healthcare settings, this is an ideal way for a patient to identify the nurses as the pins can tell what type of nurse that individual is. It also tells the patients that the nurse they are looking at is experienced and recognized for their services. A nurse can get these pins on his or her own, but traditionally, these do make ideal gifts of recognition and valor.

Buying nursing pins

You can buy nursing pins at The major verities to consider are:

  • Classic nursing pins

Classic pins are basic model nursing pins without a diamond or guard. These nursing pins are available in all types of metals.

  • Supreme nursing pins

There is also a custom guard included in supreme pins to compliment it. There is an array of supreme nursing pins available for online purchase. The types include ADN, RN, LVN, and LPN and more.

  • Preferred nursing pins

These types of pins also include a personalized guard of your choice and also one diamond. It is the most dignified way to commemorate the graduation of a nurse practitioner and symbolize commencement of one's career as a nurse.

Buying online

While trying to buy nursing pins online, you will come across many websites and different types of offers. Be very careful when purchasing online and only go for reliable providers. See the reviews and feedback from the previous customers to get a clear idea about the quality of their product and services, and if you are planning to buy in bulk, always make a sample purchase first to ensure quality. Visit for more information.

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