Customized Belt Buckles From J Brandt Recognition To Celebrate Honor

Customized Belt Buckles From J Brandt Recognition To Celebrate Honor

Posted by Melissa Brandt on 18th Aug 2017

When it comes to showing appreciation for someone’s services , there is no better way to do it, than investing in a good pair of pins and medals. However, there is a more fashionable way to show your gratitude or appreciation for someone stylish. Try giving them customized belt buckles.

Although, traditionally worn by men of service. These custom belt buckles have made their way into other organizations as well. Even women are flaunting them with confidence and pride. Seeing a great buckle like the ones from J Brandt with inciting a feeling of admiration in the onlookers. Using them as incentives is also a brilliant way to motivate your workers or group members into outperforming their colleagues to claim the honor.

Antique bronze buckles: you earn them

Not all people like gold or golden colors accessories. Therefore, we have come up with multiple styles and color tones of customized belt buckles. The antique bronze one is especially well suited for heavier men. They have a sense of power and composure in them, which you can usually see in Sheriffs and ex-military service persons. The Antique bronze buckle has a naturally brushed and beaten look about it. That gives it the impression of wearing them, rather than being store bought.

Sterling silver for a dazzling presence

Silver buckles are also common. The sterling silver custom buckles are more prevalent among the youth. From athletic clubs to student organizations, everyone is actively seeking out myriads of engraved designs in sterling silver. They are great for fraternities too. In the case of an induction event, nothing speaks integrity and honor more than an engraved, hand-forged and customized sterling silver belt buckle.

History in crafting

J Brandt Recognition has been serving the medical community, law enforcement, and student communities since 1986. That is over 30 years of service experience in making badges, patches, pins, belt buckles, cufflinks, custom earrings, pendants, charms, and bracelets. Ever since 2002, the company has been making these in thousands each month using their state of the art equipment. Check out their facilities and crafting process at

Celebrate an old friendship with a special gift

The belt buckles are a great way to forge new friendships and celebrate old ones. If you are in a college right now, it is the best time to join a Fraternity. Well, there is no reason you should stay away from all the fun. Introducing everyone to custom engraved belt buckles bearing the name and motto of your fraternity is just the ideal way to break the ice. J Brandt Recognition makes sure that people know you and your achievements, wherever you go. Commemorate old friendships by sending them your own words engraved on a buckle from J Brandt.

We make sure, each buckle and pin define perfection before we ship it out. You can place your orders online if you can find a design you like in our online catalog. Alternatively, you can give us a call, and you can share your ideas about any Brandt product you may have.