Check Out the Exclusive Jewelry Collections at J. Brandt Recognition

Check Out the Exclusive Jewelry Collections at J. Brandt Recognition

Posted by Melissa Brandt on 23rd Aug 2017

Every effort and talent of an individual is always acknowledged either through a prize or a recognition pin. The tradition of using the award pin or the recognition pin has always helped us in identifying the particular individual for a given area. The online store of J. Brandt Recognition has gained immense popularity because of their production of various types of award pins having unique designs.

History of J. Brandt Recognition

Jerry Brandt started his company as a manufacturing plant in his garage with one employee in the year 1986. Jerry achieved success gradually for his unique recognition jewelry which is famous for their excellent craftsmanship. Jerry had worked in the jewelry industry, and this experience led him to launch his brand of versatile recognition jewelry. The company has been serving over 500 customers for a decade. Jerry is constantly updating himself with latest ideas and is planning to expand the business worldwide.

Different types of recognition jewelry

People always praise the designs and varieties that J. Brandt Recognition provides them with. They are presenting the collection of recognition jewelr y in the categories like- fraternity and sorority, medical, recognition, law enforcement and gifts.

What are they offering in fraternity and sorority category?

J. Brandt Recognition has organized the online store in a customer friendly way so that the people can find the desired jewelry by searching the relevant category. In the fraternity and sorority class, you will get sub categories like- delta chi, delta gamma, delta zeta, phi lota alpha, phi sigma rho and phi alpha mu. In each sub above category, you will get plenty of options to choose from. For example- if you select delta chi, then you will notice different types of recognition jewelry options like- official badges, alumnae pins and charms, dangles, guards, recognition, and conventional jewelry.

What types do they offer in the medical category?

J. Brandt Recognition offers three sub categories in their medical recognition jewelry section. The sub categories include- pins, lamps for the nurses, and the embroidered patches. You will get the classic nursing pins, supreme nursing pins and preferred nursing pins in the ‘pins’ section. You can select your favorite patch in the embroidered patches section where the company is offering round, uniquely shaped and other types of patches. They have also introduced small and large size lamps for the nurses where you can customize your name.

Why makes them unique?

The versatility and the true praise craftsmanship have made J. Brandt Recognition a unique one among other manufacturers in this field. They have successfully proved they're expertized in uncountable options like- service pins, watches, Howard Miller clock, commemorative lapel pins, custom rings, official embroidered badges, custom belt buckles and so on. In their online store the registered nurse pins, nurse jewelry, doctor pins are available.

The jewelry is made of silver, gold, and celestrium. JBrandt Recognition also provides scholarships to the students to help them in getting enrollment in colleges. You can easily purchase the items at an affordable price from their online site